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Wheel alignment

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Tire disposal is a tricky environmental issue. Tires disposed of in a normal landfill can rise to the surface.


If left unburied, tires become a home for pests. Most states and countries require that tires be disposed of by licensed scrap merchants.


There are some ingenious methods of reducing tires to a more manageable state including shredding and freezing, then smashing.

Tire disposal

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More than anything, you want to find a tire shop that connects with you on both a personal and professional level, providing you with quality tire repair to help you get your car back on the road.   Since 1945, Eppies has been dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate customer care, while pioneering in the most advanced tire and automotive repair services for the Philadelphia community.  Our tire shop is guided by the philosophy of treating every customer as we ourselves would like to be treated.  We enjoy establishing an open and honest relationship with our clients as way to work together for years to come.


Whether you are looking for a safety or cosmetic upgrade, selecting the right tires is an important decision that affects the performance and the cost of owning a car.

Here at Eppie’s Discount Tire & Auto Repair, we will help you choose the right tires for your car! We understand the importance of having those tires installed and balanced by a trained technician. Without proper installation and balancing, you may find that your vehicle ‘pulls’ to one side, your steering wheel shakes, or you’re spending more money on gas.


Depend on Eppie's Discount Tire & Auto for a wide range of tire services. We understand the importance of selecting the right tire for your vehicle, as well as receiving proper installation and balancing. All our work is guaranteed, so contact us today for your FREE estimate. Take advantage of our 30-minute tire replacement service!

Tire mounting

Mounting and removing a tire from a wheel require the use of proper equipment and knowledge. It is important to check the ‘GG ring’ markings when installing tires. A good fit will ensure the best outcome in the event of rapid deflation. Also, be advised that many tires are required to rotate in a set direction.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is the position of

the wheels relative to your car.

Proper alignment points the wheels

in the right direction.


Without proper alignment, wheels

resist steering commands, as well as

each other. Alignment also affects

gas mileage and tire wear.


If your tires are pointed in different directions, they can cause treadwear.

Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing refers to the proper distribution of weight around a revolving tire and wheel assembly. Poor wheel balance can have a significant impact on both your vehicle and your safety.